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Zapping Game Sizes Downloading, buffering, loading: Unfortunately these words exist, and when seen for to long they are known to turn people into zombies. People don’t want to see these words so game sizes need to be kept to a minimum. Not only can large game sizes tick people of during the loading process, larger game sizes make it harder to find a website that will  host your game. Also large game sizes will throw you into a pit if you put your game in competetions like YoYoGames competetion05 and competition06 which have very small maximum file sizes. If your file size is to big you need help now. The biggest space waster is music. With more then 2 or 3 backround tracks, loding times will go of the charts. Big backgrounds and sprites can also take space. Leave these be, their absolutely  neccessary in a good game. Lots of big rooms are also a drain on space. If you need to shrink your game size for a competetion, first cut down on music, then backgrounds and rooms, and as a last resort your graphics. If your game is really big, but still fits size requirements, cut down on your background music, and leave the rest alone. If your game has a small game size then kudo points to you. If not, you have some work to do.

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