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Visually Enhancing Your Game, the most important part of the game (no one likes staring at a black screen). Except, I don’t need to worry about this, my graphics are already the bomb. I’ll be skipping this section. Whoa, hold your horses, just because you have ultra mega graphics that doesn’t mean your game is graphically appealing. Ultra mega graphic man there’s a lot more to graphics then the sprites themself. You’ll have to make sure you included these visual elements if you truly want ultra mega graphics. What about your lighting? Betcha didn’t think of that. With Game Maker 8’s ability to handle transparency you can add lights to your game. Along with flashy lights you can lighten up your game with other transparency effects like smoke, mist, lens flare, shadows (these can make your game seem 3D) and any other effects a smart cookie like you can conjure up. Those transparency effects are fun to make, but stop being a hog. Share that fun. Let the player customize the game’s graphics. The player wants to have fun customizing his characters, backgrounds, and even the music. Gamers will love you for this. Good graphics can still be an eyesore when they don’t like each other. Don’t let your futuristic Jedi looking graphics be ruined by bright, bubbly, Pokemon like graphic, and in case you didn’t know, Pokemon and Jedi’s hate each other. It’s true. You should see how Skywalker and Pikachu battle each other when no one’s looking. Anyhow make sure all of your graphics fall under the same theme. And the funnest graphics to make – Particle systems. Just be careful they’re dangerous. To many of them well freeze slow computers. If you overuse your particles, then beware, slower computers won’t be able to play your game. You will either have to allow the player to reduce the frequency of particles, or an ever better option, reduce them yourself if the fps(frames per seconds) goes below a certain number. Until these special affects are added to your graphics then, I’m sorry to say it but, you don’t have ultra mega graphics, and as no game on YoYoGames has all of these special effects, you could be the first to break into a new era of 2d graphics, if you make your game has ultra mega graphics, so try to implement as many of these ideas as possible.

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