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Publicizing Your Game I won. I finally completed my goal. I have created the most awesome game ever. I know this game will get a high rating. What the? It has been ten quadrillion weeks, or at least it seems that way, yet no one, I repeat, no one has played my game. Ok maybe a few people, but why is my game getting 10X less visitors than that crappy game over there. It’s not fair. We have all seen this happen before. Creating a butt kicking game does not guarantee any results. Yes, I know it took you lots of hard work to create that game, but you still have more work to do. It’s no easy task, but it’s a must. You have to find creative ways to get the community interested in your game. This is how you are going to attract big gamers.
  • Post your game on forums. Not only will you hook many visitors, the amount of feedback received on forums is tremendous.
  • Your games are entitled to their own website. Put something on your website that will attract other Game Makers. It can be a Magazine. You can write a blog, or you can create tutorials.
  • Get Social. Create a Facebook group for your website.
  • Forums, Forums, Forums. Post your Website on Forums. Post your game, and comment a lot. When your signature includes a link to your game, then you have become your own walking advertisement. Add a flashy logo to that signature, and your all set to get your messy paw prints all over that forum. The more you post the more you advertise.
  • The Game Maker Community aren’t the only ones in the world. Add your game on social bookmarking sites like delicious, digg, and reddit. Create a second username to help the first one, shh, your not suppose to do that. Remember, only the game maker community has instant play installed. Add your links to your Download page (If you made your game instant play and download then there will be a box in the bottom right corner that allows you to go to a download page).
  • YoYoGames isn’t alone. You have other options. Host your game elsewhere.
  • Sharing is Caring. Add buttons on your website allowing your website to be shared with others. Even if no one clicks these buttons, it makes your website look more professional.
You may not want to do all of this, but it’s necessary. Do it. The more you get out there, the more people will play your game.

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