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How News is Found

All the common news sources along with four gizmos and gadgets useful in gathering news. Google Reader Watcher Google Reader is a storage shed for RSS feeds. When one of these RSS feeds are changed, Google Reader Watcher will notify. Update Scanner A personal servant. This one checks a list of websites and highlights website changes. Unchanged websites are not opened. Twitter Explorer Smashes Twitter onto your desktop. (require Windows 7) Boxcar Pushes notifications through an iOS device when a RSS feed is changed. They can’t talk, but these gadgets are my best friends when it comes to gathering news. They all work in the background doing their duty. I just have to do mine. News sources Where your info comes from.
  • Obviously YoYo Games Glog, and the Game Maker Blog.
  • The community topic on the GMC is the best place to gather unofficial news.
  • Twitter can often be handy, but there’s a lot of junk in there.
  • Mike Daily’s blog, he releases a lot of technical details about YoYo Games
  • will often point to interesting articles about game design.
The following sources get most of their info from the above sources.
  • Game Maker Gazette
  • Gblog
  • Various Game Maker Magazines(what’s happened to them all, they seem to have gone extinct)
I have a bunch of minor sources, like some interesting MMO games that are being developed with Game Maker, but I won’t list them here. Now if only the rest of the world were this transparent in the way they did things.

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