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Side by Side: Game Maker 9 | Construct 2

Construct 2 is packed with potential. When finished it may even hold up to Game Maker 9. The Good Construct has claim to everyone’s favorite word–free. It doesn’t cost anything, and as a community project it’s never going to cost anything. They’re changing this. Construct has all the good looks. Instead of looking like windows explorer, Construct looks like Microsoft’s newer products with icons in tabs at the top. It also has Sidebars similar to Visual Studios. The Bad Game Maker does however have much better support. There are many tutorials, and Game Maker is very well documented. Game Maker has many more functions than Construct. Construct crashed when I tried to exit. This particular bug was fixed an hour ago, but like all early releases you can expect many similar problems. The In Between Just like GM uses DLL’s, Construct uses JavaScript. This is easier for beginners to understand, and makes it easier to create online multiplayer games. Construct compiles into HTML 5, allowing users to play their games without having to download anything, however, James Garner is creating an engine with GM functions that will also compile into HTML. construct gm

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