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Ready Set Create that Game What excitement, what fun, oh how grand it feels to make your own game. I know your game can turn into a nightmare, but right now at the beginning of production it feels great to create, but don’t go bounding about too much. Your game could turn into a nightmare very easily if you don’t start out with a plan. I have some tips and tricks to keep that nightmare at bay. First off, slow down. You can’t make some grandeous game in one night. Start simple. Test your game. Fix bugs, and don’t you dare try and add fancy gizmos to your game until it works without any bugs. When your game works perfectly then you can make it fancy. Example: You’re making a racing game with different cars, fancy upgrades, cool sound effects, and online multiplayer functionality. Sounds good, but for heaven’s sake, don’t start making all this extra pizazz before you start making the track. Create the car and track and make sure all your physics works properly before you try and add things like an online multiplayer system. Making games is like building a house. You build a strong framework, then add your walls, and add that plumbing, bring in some electricity, and put in the furniture. You can’t add the electricity, plumbing, and furniture before you poured your foundation so don’t try and do it with games. Tip number two: Those brilliant ideas of yours, yes I know they would make a good game but a turtle could cross a continent before you could execute your idea. Either you use a simple idea(and you can build on that idea later), or you need to work with a team of developers. A house contractor doesn’t know how to build a skyscraper. Don’t try to build that car racing game if you’ve never used Game Maker before. That would indeed be a nightmare. So basically what I want to say is when you start to make a game then keep it simple stupid. Haha, that’s a great saying, it applies to all parts of life and definitely to this article. Keep it simple stupid.

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