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A noire like picture of lightning

I combined two images of lightning.

I was going someplace, and didn’t have much time to capture this image. I quickly propped the camera on a rock and snapped a few pictures. These pictures then remained on my computer for a long time until…

This afternoon I was sorting pictures, making mental notes of things I could do to edit them up when I came across these two pictures of lightning. I thought they would look really good combined together, and it was a quick enough edit, so I stopped what I was doing to create this magnificent image.
Steps to combining two pictures of lightning
  1. Capture lightning by continuously taking pictures at a slow shutter speed. (Here I used a shutter speed of 5 seconds)
  2. Open the two images in separate layers
  3. Set the layer mode of the top image to lighten only
  4. Mask out the foreground of the top image

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