Roadside Noir

A noire like picture of lightning

I combined two images of lightning.

I was going someplace, and didn’t have much time to capture this image. I quickly propped the camera on a rock and snapped a few pictures. These pictures then remained on my computer for a long time until…

This afternoon I was sorting pictures, making mental notes of things I could do to edit them up when I came across these two pictures of lightning. I thought they would look really good combined together, and it was a quick enough edit, so I stopped what I was doing to create this magnificent image.
Steps to combining two pictures of lightning
  1. Capture lightning by continuously taking pictures at a slow shutter speed. (Here I used a shutter speed of 5 seconds)
  2. Open the two images in separate layers
  3. Set the layer mode of the top image to lighten only
  4. Mask out the foreground of the top image

The Lady

a lady all bundled up to see some Christmas lights

The Lady

Here is an interesting way of using color noise to ones advantage. Now that I have a better camera, I kind of miss finding clever ways of utilizing flaws in my camera.


clouds cover the sun during a solar eclipse

Solar Eclipse

This is a picture taken of the solar eclipse. I took this picture to check my exposure as I was awaiting the solar eclipse. I didn’t realize it was actually happening when I took this picture. My entire family was waiting for the solar eclipse, but didn’t see it. We thought it happend after he sun went over he horizon and we missed it. It wasn’t until after I looked through the pictures I’d taken in preparation for the solar eclipse that I realized we’d watched the entire thing without realizing that we had.

Light bulb Trails

Colored light shoots out of a light bulb Colored light shoots out of a light bulb So one day I read that the shape of your aperture determines the shape of your bokeh, so I set out to explore this further. I cut out a bunch of cardboard circles, cut different shapes into these circles, and stuck these circles in my lens. Sure enough, the bokeh matched the shape of the hole, however, what I found to be interesting was to play around with a pin-hole cut into the cardboard, mimicking the effect of a pin-hole camera. It must also be noted that because I’m not the best at cutting out circles there was some light leaking in from the edges of the cardboard. This is one of the pictures I took with this “pin-hole” camera.