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updates and downdates

AI Competition. There are no rewards, but it looks to be one of the funnest looking competitions I’ve ever seen.

Analysis of the award winning GM game Desktop Dungeons.

Jesse Venbraux(2dcube) creates a terrible iOS game. Game not created with GM.

Indie games that went down the drain before they were released.

Adobe releases Flash to HTML 5 converter

Free ad-supported GM games released/to be released on the Android

  • Teka Teki
  • Maddening
  • Skydiver HD Mach II
  • Prison Ball
  • They Need to be Fed

And on the iOS all of these games except for They Need to be fed will be released as free ad-supported games.

GM room editor

GM8.1 Room Editor. Which of the two zooming pics do you think is correct?

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