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Me, Sneakyllama, Cotcan, CES, and others are working on a 3D Game Called SpaceCraft. Anyone is welcome to join us. The game allows you to collect credits in a variety of ways, which in turn allow you to progress farther in the game. Below is the design document for the game. Feel free to criticize it in any way you see or don’t see fit.



In SpaceCraft you will start with at a shipyard station. Credits can be used to create, trade, and buy stuff. Your core objective will be to collect credits.  


In game characters will be replaced by a player’s Facebook friends. The storyline will dynamically change, based on what the player does.  


  • Mining ships: Mines credits
  • Scouting ships: Finds enemy colonies, credits, cosmic objects, and technologies
  • Fighter ships: attack others for credits
  • Defensive ships: protects your colony. Slow, but powerful.
  • Research facilities: research technologies

Cosmic objects

Planets: Mined for credits. Stars and nebulas: Increase mining rate of nearby planets.  

Enemy ships

  • There will be four races: Each race will have a race they hate, a race their friends with, and a neutral race.
  • Most characters will act like characters in the game Civilization. When first approached.  They may ask to be your friend or may ask for a tribute payment to make them go away. This will depend largely on what race they are.
  • You will be continually attacked by your enemy race and the neutral race if you don’t make friends with them.
  • Colonies of enemy ships won’t attack you, but can be taken over by fighter ships giving you credits, the mining and technologies that the enemy was using to produce the colony


There will be a few allies to start with.
  • Can buy or trade technologies from them.
  • Can buy location of colonies with high technology from them.
  • Can have missions that will reward you.
  • If attacked they will ask for help and will pay you tribute payments if you protect them.
  • Will be turned into enemies if attacked.


Technologies improve your abilities. At first you won’t know about the existence of many technologies.  


  • The mouse will be used to control ships.
  • Credit count and radar will appear on the screen.
  • Mousing over ships will show the ships health.
  • Clicking on research facilities will show available technologies.

Game Mechanics

  • Blind Progression: The player won’t know about most technologies and ships until he/she progresses in the game.
  • Urgency and fear: When enemy ships enter explored territory a counter will begin to say when they will reach you. Otherwise this will say unknown. Enemy ships should constantly be ruining some of your defenses when they come.

Collecting Credits

  • Exploration: The player will be able to collect technologies and credits when exploring.
  • Battle: The ability to battle others allows the player to collect credits.
  • Trading company: Building mines allows the player to collect credits.
  • Completing mission: helping ally units allows the player to collect credits, and gives the player more allies.

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  1. Looks very good. I’m guessing to allow this game to keep moving forward most the code shouldn’t be put into the binary and more into compressed files. This way we can update the much quicker by not downloading the whole exe again. This will save bandwidth for the server and decrease waiting time.

    Only an ideas,
    What do you you think?

  2. Good idea.
    Some changes will require big changes to the binary, but for those that don’t, I’ve set up a space on where anyone can upload scripts they create. You guys should all be receiving an e-mail with a link inviting you to the shared space on