LDS Mission to AZ

I’m back. I just finished a wonderful two years serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, during which time I was able to help many people with their lives. Here is my report on it all

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GIMP 2.8

GIMP vs Photoshop

  The following is a list of reasons why GIMP is more powerful than Photoshop. Half the amount of color spaces Using Gimp you can edit colors in YCRCB or LAB or CMYK or HSV. Using photoshop you can only edit in LAB or CMYK. Half the amount of color spaces. Limits Creativity I don’t care if I am destructively…

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Software Tools

There is a lot more software out there than just photoshop. I’m going to discuss some of my favorite free tools to manipulate images. Hugin If you’ve ever used this tool, you’ll know it is better than any other free or paid panoramic stitching solution out there. With this tool you can even hand hold your camera as you take a panorama….

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low frequencies + high frequencies = original image

Splitting an Image

Warning: If you’ll want to follow along with the examples you’ll need GIMP. Photoshop users will still be able to learn about the theory behind spatial frequencies. Intro It’s possible to extract different components from a picture, like the color or the details (so we can sharpen the picture). To extract this information we first must produce the opposite information….

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Removal of noise from an image of a bird

Sharpening and Noise Reduction

    How We analyze the problem Sharpening and noise reduction directly affect each other. When reducing noise, the picture becomes blurrier. Increasing sharpness can enhance noise, and create sharpening artifacts. Taken to the extreme, noise can be eliminated, and sharpness can be enhanced, at the cost of loosing all the details in an image. This is undesirable. We need…

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A comparison with and without the rule of thirds


Composition > Technicalities Composition. The absolute requirement of every image. In a cage match between an improperly exposed, out of focus image with great composition and an image with uninteresting composition and terrific exposure and focus, the improperly exposed, out of focus image with great composition would come out laughing victoriously. Master composition and you’ve mastered photography. Yes moving a few steps…

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tree on mountainside

Manipulating Color

Methods Of Changing Color More control can be gained over an image by decomposing an image first and then manipulating the color channels in either RGB, LAB, CMYK, YCrCb, and HSV mode. HSV and LAB are my favorite modes for editing colors. The G’MIC plugin for GIMP gives you the ability to edit colors in all of these color modes….

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