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Two types of Marketing will be discussed: Indie game marketing and big game marketing. Indie marketing is done on a low or non-existent budget, while big game marketing is done on a bigger budget.

Marketing for an Indie Game

Paying for advertising is an easy way to make a game popular; however, there are ways to advertise that don’t cost anything. This can be especially beneficial at the beginning of game development, when there is no finished product to be advertised. Using a CMS(content management system), a blog should be added to keep track of the game’s progress. This will interest readers so that they will try the game when it comes out. Also try to include things that your readers might like to see on your site: like interviews with other developers, articles about game development, reviews of other games, online magazines, and tutorials. It can also be useful to ask for feedback about your game as this will make readers feel like they are a part of the project. Almost all forums allow you to put a link to your website in your signature. Being active in a gaming or development forum is useful in giving your name reputation, giving your blog some followers and creating a few useful connections that will come in handy when the game is released. When getting involved in a community, create a Twitter account. Many people will use Facebook for personal uses, and Twitter for use in a niche community. That’s the community you want to get involved in. Follow other user’s blogs and comment on them. This creates useful connections, and you will often be able to link back to your website. When advertising by being active on forums, Twitter, and other people’s blogs, you get people helping you with ideas and perhaps with some coding too. You also gain more loyal customers than traditional advertising. These customers will be more likely to go talk about your game on their own, and other websites. Once the game is released, volunteer people in the company for interviews about the game. Contact other websites and ask them to review your game. Contact everyone you know in the community you have been active in and ask if they would review your game. Interviews, reviews, and other people talking about your website will also help your website’s Google ranking.

Big Game Marketing

Marketing for a big title company is different. You should once again create a blog, but this time there is no need to convince others that your game is good, because it will have cutting edge graphics, and enticing features that will speak for themselves. Techniques discussed in marketing for an indie game can be used, but they are no longer required as the important thing now is getting people to know about your game. This is done through paid advertisements. Once a player sees a paid advertisement with a game that has cutting edge graphics, they will become interested in it, and if they are the type of player who may consider buying this game they will look into it further. After this happens they might even discuss the game at other places where reviewers may see it, and then review the game.

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