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Kirsty posting more often

It looks as if Kirsty from YoYo Games will be posting every little news snippet about GameMaker and YoYo Games on the glog. If this continues I will won’t be posting as often about GameMaker news, instead I’ll be posting articles about game design. With that said let me introduce you to a series of articles about good indie game development that I will be periodically posting.     There is a gap between game design and game development that many indie developers seem to forget about. People try to make good quality games without studying game design. This is rightly so as a developer must first learn how to develop, but as indie developers become more experienced in game design they never seem to study game design. I put most of the blame of this on the fact that there is not much information and publicity out there about game design.   Game design is however a small part of what it takes to develop a sucessful game. There must be good management, good marketing, and good development. In a series of posts you should also be able to realize all that is needed to make a game sucessful, and be able to go out and create a successful game yourself.   Areas I will be covering are Preventing failure Marketing Game development models Player’s helping development And good game design.   Of all of these good game design is most important, which is why I want to do extra research on this, so it may be a few months before you see any articles on this. I have already done extensive research on all this, and in fact I wrote a 30-page paper on the above topics. I hope to be able to clarify and expound my research in the following articles.

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