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woody scene This picture was a revolutionary picture for me. I discovered an interesting style for creating pictures. It works like this.
  1. duplicate the top layer
  2. use the GMIC filter “old photo”
  3. use the GEGL filter c2g
  4. set the layer mode to value
After doing a bunch of other preliminary tweaks, I used the above series of steps on the featured image and loved the results. In trying to replicate these results in other images, I found a few helpful tips that I’ve listed below. When applying this affect keep in mind:
  • The old photo affect adds these annoying black splotches and changes the image to a sepia image. To fix this use GMIC’s custom code (global) filter instead of the old photo filter and type in -noise 20 -bilateral 30,60 -blur 2 -sharpen 100 -n 0,255 you can tack on a -sepia to that if you want to get the sepia affect.
  • Before applying the c2g filter, experiment with adding masks to the old photo layer. Splotchy looking masks created with paint brushes that have a big spread work well.
  • These filters take awhile to process. Especially the c2g filter, which can take hours to process if you push the sliders to far. You’ll also end up with a normal black and white picture, so your not going to want to push the c2g sliders too far. At the same time, the c2g filter often looks better when the sliders are pushed up a little.

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  1. I actually love it!

    You’ve posted this in a forum we have in common (CIC) and although I can understand your disappointment in the blown out sky of the original; the crop you’ve given this final version works perfectly well!

    It places the focus on the textures in the shot and that unusual perspective, combined with the creative effects you’ve applied… make for a very interesting photograph!

    Imo, it’s very nicely done and you are generous for sharing your technique as well.

    Warm regards,



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