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Teamwork Ugh, making a good game drains my excess time. I only wanted to make my own levels. Did I want to have to mess around with graphics or physics or all that ugly coding? No. Huh, I don’t have to – teamwork, no I could never get on a team. –There are teams of novices out there looking for anybody. Really, wow, I shall try it out. Where do I find these teams – Game Maker Forums — I’m on it. Wow, being on a team is a barrel of fun. You pick and choose what part of the project you want to do, and the rest is care free. Things get a tad bit trickier if you’re the one leading the team. You need to keep your team on the same time-schedule. It’s a piece of pie if you regularly check with your team. A little communication can go a long, long way. If you have ventured to learn the controls of Game Maker you’re ready to join a team. If you’re an expert Game Maker developer, a team is just what you need to land yourself on the front page of YoYoGames. Either way being on a team teaches you valuable skills that you don’t learn on your own.

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