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Quotes from Game Maker Blog’s Interview with Sandy.

Some of the more interesting points Sandy makes in the interview can be found below. I suggest reading the entire interview from the Game Maker Blog. A lot of unknown facts are released in it.

the cumulative downloads for Simply Solitaire are getting up towards a million.

If YoYo Games keeps racking in money like this, Game Maker is going to become much more efficient and popular. I can’t wait for the future of Game maker.

Philip Gamble: The recent Android releases, Poker Squares and Sync Simple, have had both free and paid releases. Is this the way things are going to continue?

Sandy Duncan: Definitely, and the same on iPhone as well.

I love free things.

The store has been done for 18 months.

Hurry up and open it to the public.  

When publishing we try to choose games which we know aren’t pushing the limits of Game Maker to the extreme because we don’t know how far we can take the runner.

Maybe there’s a chance of one of my games being published. Hey I can have my fantasies can’t I. I know your thinking the same thing.

…Ministry Of Games, which is what YoYo would have been called had the domain name been available.

I’m glad that domain was taken. YoYo Games is a much better name.

We then bumped into Mark Overmars shortly after he had agreed to sell Game Maker to somebody else, quite a big company, but he hadn’t signed anything.

I wonder who Mark originaly planned to sell YoYo Games to.

right now we have no plans to add any more hardware platforms in the short term.  The good news though is that it only takes Mike and Russell about a month from start to finish to get a runner that’s not bug free but working in a shippable state.

Good, that means GM8.1 will be getting a lot more attention.    

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