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Hello, my name is Russell

I'm a photographer and web-designer.

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I hate having to open up a big clunky picture editor, just to compress an image to the web, every time I post to wordpress, so I created an app to help me compress pictures.

Imaging The Possibilities
This is my website to showcase my wedding photography.

Utah County Hiking
I go hiking almost every week, and this is a collection of all the rad hikes in Utah County.


My Photography

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Wedding Photography

Spectacularly capturing Utah's beauty on my weekly hikes.

Utah County hiking

Photographers, you may want to check this out.

Technical Photography Articles
Websites I've Created

Quickly compress and downsize pics

An app for compressing pictures

A blog for the above image compressor

A blog for the above website

A website spotlighting a few computer games I created

Computer Games I have created

My wedding photography website

My wedding photography


Some Pics I've Taken