grungy feet

feet on concrete A picture I took in the studio looking downwards at the ground. I like the natural grungy feel that was in the cement. The vignette came from the lights in the studio. Normally a picture like this would have to achieved by adding the grunge and vignette after the picture was taken. I thought i was cool that I had all that without having to do any editing. The vertical stripes were however added later on.

Snowy Spring

Flowers and Snow Flowers and Snow The square format of this picture really helps position the snow mound and the flower along intersections on the rule of thirds. I like the way a spring flower is contrasted with a winter snow mound.

Out of the Snow

tulip in snow tulip in snow I took this picture on a snowy spring day along with this pic. I like the way the snow matches the tulip in the way the shadows both have a lot of green in them.

Screaming it out

screaming it out

screaming it out

Don’t you love it when you catch someone with an unexpected expression on their face.