Waterfall Mania

cascade springs Here’s a little hidden beauty in the mountains of Utah. I feel like I’ve failed to capture the beauty of this place. Someday I’ll have to go back at sunset to take more pictures of these waterfalls.

Bubbly Icy Water

water bubbles in a icy river I was hiking up to a waterfall and noticed that there were a lot of interesting ice formations floating in the water. I edited this picture using the technique described here.


clouds cover the sun during a solar eclipse

Solar Eclipse

This is a picture taken of the solar eclipse. I took this picture to check my exposure as I was awaiting the solar eclipse. I didn’t realize it was actually happening when I took this picture. My entire family was waiting for the solar eclipse, but didn’t see it. We thought it happend after he sun went over he horizon and we missed it. It wasn’t until after I looked through the pictures I’d taken in preparation for the solar eclipse that I realized we’d watched the entire thing without realizing that we had.

Hot Air Balloon

a hot Air Balloon a hot Air Balloon The other day I was in an art gallery, and I realized that something artists will do to help compose an image is to control the amount of detail they add to different parts of an image. This picture is a great example of reducing detail in an image. I whited out the mountain on the left because I thought the effect of a white sunburst produced a better composition. I used a bilateral filter on the foreground to destroy detail while keeping preserving the contours of the branches.